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feminism is an easy fashion

January 3, 2012

Feminism is an easy fashion.

A couple of weeks ago, On my way toward CMU, I met a Jewish American. She is interested in Chinese, the culture and the people,although her knowledge of both are  zero, if misperception is not regarded as negative knowledge.  She said ” some time ago, I met a Chinese woman, surprisingly, she was pursing a degree in business. These areas are open to women in China.”  She considered it a miracle for places like China to have women participating in business world.

I did not point to her that we had a vice prime minister who is female.

I did not understand her surprise, which was based on a untendable belief, that all parts of a culture evolve at a same speed. A country has backward politics, is backward in everything else. That is definitely not sure.

Let me remind you things we quickly learn from the western world.

To dress in modern suit when necessary. To chew gum. To advertise products. These kinds of culture  or habbits are easily imported circulated. They are easy fashions. Of which feminism is another.

My great grandma ever had bounded feet, which was fashion in her time. The logic is this. Women with bound feet can not work in field. Only well off families had their daughters’ feet bound. Bound feet became  a sign of upper-class. Emulating people  in higher status is always a source of fashion for the average. Hence comes the fashion of bound feet.

China began its feminist movement after the 1910 civilization. The spirit was to learn  the west. Feminism was imported then. It is fared well in China. It was an easily fashion. The same logic with the bound feet applies here.It is from the then regarded advanced culture. It has very little to do with the most powerful part of a culture, politics, is not blocked by the latter hence.

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