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My country and my people( ii, caring for the old)

January 19, 2012

Parents tend to like these traditional holidays much more than we do.  As to my knowledge, no young people enjoy the traditions that endue the spring  festival, which include visisting relatives, Bringing them gifts, Sending  Children  red envelops with money inside if you are a married adult. (You are entitled to ask for the red envelop if you are not. Chinese people take marriage as a transitional point in life. People step into a more mature period of life after that, and are to  obtain a better understanding of life, responsibility, etc. They should care for the less mature ones, giving them money as sorts of encouragement.)

Why should we do so?

I once asked my Mama. Mama said people were too busy to get together all year. The holiday was the time to visit each other and maintain the tie inbetween. The older generation will be really iratated if any of the young generation they expect do not turn up.

Old people in China, no longer productive , are easily ignored. They need  attention from the young.  One thing puzzling me for some time is that we Chinese are known for caring for the old.  I would feel pressured if I do not give up my seat to an old on a bus. Generally old people are not happy. In the states, there is no special inclination toward the old.  I have seen lots of old people who are very happy. ( How nice to see an old lady smiling like one in her twenties. ) Seems like a paradox.

Do we really care the old? Or the old actually do not need special attention? Or We care for them but in the wrong way?







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